Friday, July 17, 2009


Yea it rained today even though it is cold!! Only a high of 63. I'll take the few sprinkles we got though.
I picked broccoli again today (I am not complaining at all, I love broccoli, keep on comin'). I had enough to do 3 quart bags for freezing. Joe and I also picked a bunch of peas. I have been using them in salads or I just saute them to eat.
We visited my in-laws today and we were fortunate to get 2 kohlrabi's. 1 of them is already in our stomachs. Yummy!
Lucas mustered up the nerve to try it and he liked it. Nick on the other hand who is only 3 didn't yet.(ok give it to Mumma, darn.) I was darn jealous of how their zucchini plants looked. Their plants are enormous! Mine looked like the baby offspring comparing to theirs.

Still waiting for the cherished 1st tomato. Nothing yet.

Tomorrow I am going to our good friends' house to scrap it up and BBQ it up!! Can't wait. I am already packed up. I will post on what we accomplish.

Have a great weekend!

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