Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2 new cards

Here is a card I did for my daughter's B-day. She already opened it so it is smudgy. I used the Hannah Montana guitar (thanks Jen!) file I got from a friend. I used Wild Card cartridge for the "Wish" using my Cricut. I punched the stars using my Fiskars punches.

Here is a "puppy" card I did for my Niece's Birthday. She is 3 and LOVES puppies. I found this one and made it in SCAL. It was on Mardenz blog. I had some heart puppy paper in my scraps. You probably can't tell by the photo but I glittered the Happy Birthday that I stamped.

I found this cute saying in a stamp, I couldn't resist for the inside of the card. I also used my Fiskars punch for the bottom of the card.

New WordBook

I made a word book for my niece's birthday. I found some new chip board at JoAnn's. I used my Cricut and the deep housing and blade to cut the chip board. I used SCAL to design. It actually went pretty smooth. I was nervous on cutting the board it is pretty thick. I may scale down the thickness next time I get some. I didn't want to wreck my bug.

This is the last second last page "g". She loves puppies so I put a dog face on it.
Here is "i"
this is the back of the "a" page and the front of "i"
Here is back o "P" and front of "a". She is turning 3.
Front of book. I used my Bind it all for the binding and tied ribbons and made a cute dragonfly to embellish the page. Dragonfly came from the DoodleCharms cart. I used Plantin SchoolBook for all the photo mats.
Let me know what ya think!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Step Class yesterday

So I am at Step Class, keep in mind only my 3rd step class ever, the instructor was doing something new to me and we had our backs to her. Well I didn't know what step she was calling out so I decided to turn around and see, WHILE IN MOTION, and Bam tumbled off my board and rolled (sprained) my ankle. How embarrassing! Leave it to me my alternate "Grace" made her presence). I popped back up and pretended nothing was wrong but boy my ankle sure does hurt. It is nice and swollen today looks so pretty. Exercising is dangerous stuff!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No posts in awhile

Well all of the holiday craziness has finally settled down. FINALLY!!! Kids are back to school and I am getting back in the routine. This week, last week was another story. We started wrestling practice and decided to get a new flat screen t.v. Well between setting up the t.v. wrestling, school and I was also getting ready to go on my first crop weekend it was NUTS!!! Yes I went on my first crop weekend with my girlfriend, Jen, (hi, Jen!). It was a blast. We left on Friday afternoon and didn't get home until Sunday afternoon right before the big Packer game. We packed everything and I mean everything we had for scrapping. We set up on Friday and started at it. We scrapped until about 12:30 AM on Friday, 1:00 AM on Saturday and until Noon on Sunday. I got 25 layouts or pages finished! How Awesome it that? Jen did about the same and the other gal Jean that was with us finished about 50 pages, (she is a super star!) Go Jean!! It was so much fun. Girl gossip, wine, friends, and SCRAPPING!!! LIFE IS GOOD!
I can't wait to do it again. I will have to put in a slide show of all the hard work we did.

I can say didn't to do good on the weight loss. WAY TOO much food at the crop. Gained a couple from the holidays as well. I MUST get back at it. Went to step class Monday and going to step class tomorrow, then Funky Fusion on Friday. Got to, got to get back on track... wish me luck.
(fyi, I am secretly starting to think gardening...hmmm must need to plan where I am going to plant things in spring, can't wait!)