Monday, August 16, 2010

Our First Egg!!!

So it was Sunday August 15th we got our first Egg from Ellen a brown sex-link chicken.!! Yahoo
To our surprise it was also a double yolker!!! What a good little chicken. Now if the rest would follow suit.
We ate it Monday morning and it tasted delicious. Much Much better than store eggs. I bet if we eat store bought eggs now,we won't like them now for sure.

The kids were super excited!!! As are Joe and I.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rain! Rain! Go AWAY!!!

Been a busy SUMMER! Hubby and I just got back from our Alaskan Cruise!!! It was awesome... We made some great friends and a lifetime of memories. I will post picts soon....

Chicken update!!! 3 of the ladies are ROOSTERS!!!Ahhh.... "Big Momma" is a HE! Now she is Big Daddy. He is the ruler...Spike and Patty are also Roosters... "Big Daddy" is officially crowing this week. After our vacation no less.. Look like they will be in the soup pot soon.
We are also impatiently waiting for eggs!!! They are almost 16 weeks and hopefully between 18 & 20 weeks we should see something. Although, Ellen one of our brown sex link chickens looks like she is ready. She does the squat like she is and is very docile. (that is unlike Ellen)

Garden update:
So, my garden is suffering from too much water!!! I have processed and froze 7 quarts of Green Beans as of late. I probably only got around 18 quarts total this year. :o( looks like I could probably pull out the plants.

1/2 of our potato mounds we lost due to rot from too much water.

Corn didn't get as high as we wanted due to to much water, and some probably won't even be feasible to harvest.

I am currently waiting to get enough tomatoes to can salsa! Since I only have 1 jar left from last year.

We did try 2 cantaloupes that were mighty tasty but small.

The garden has had standing water in it for days on end this year. Enough water for algae to form. YUCK.
It really is depressing doing all that work to have it rot. I feel for our local farmers and fellow backyard gardeners that this is happening too. Many of our neighbors have just pulled everything out. :0(

Scrapping update:
I did make some shirts for our cruise. Adding a little extra fun!

Cruisin' for a Boozin' is the back
This is the front.