Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Armyworm invasion in my Peas

I went out to the garden this morning to my horror (well Joe found) I found some hard working caterpillars hard at work eating my pea leaves!!! I have had it with caterpillars this year! In spring we found and Armyworm nest in our Canadian Cherry tree and I sprayed that & cut out the branch they were on. Then we found another nest in my Flowering Crab tree sprayed cut out that one; I burnt that limb. I sprayed the rest of the trees with concentrated Seven mixed and thought that'd be the end of them. WELL... Much to my horror they sprouted up in my peas. I think they were in larvae stage since they weren't very big yet and they didn't turn the blackish color and no sign of a nest. I had been diligently spraying the garden for bugs since I think that my zucchini got the stink bug last year toward end of the harvest season. Spraying was supposed to suppress them. I hadn't really sprayed the peas much, since Joe and I tend to eat most out of the garden. So much for that. I have already sprayed and I am to sad to take a picture of it yet. Maybe tomorrow I will take a picture of their graves... Little suckers...

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