Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daylillies and the remains of the Armyworms

Here is my update for today. We were supposed to get rain last night or early today, well that never happened. At least not at our house. We need rain. We are border line drought stricken here. Now there are 20 to 30 mph winds which also doesn't help growing conditions. Guess I'll be watering soon. I uploaded some pictures below; Enjoy.

below is a picture of one of my favorite daylillys. I love the ruffles on it.
This one is pretty too, it reminds me of a firework.
Below is my son Lucas he is 7 years old and my Cherry Tomato plant is just a hair taller than him. No cherry tomatoes yet but I am waiting.

Now for the stink'in armyworms. See how some of the leaves are damaged?
If you look at the ground closely the little buggers are in their final resting place. Do not rest in peace you stinkers!!


M_J_ARNDT said...

I LOVE that red/orange lily! Do you know what it is? I must plant some at the new house, if we ever get there...

Shellie said...

I can't remember the name but I know where got it Solaris farms.