Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday Picking's - Holy Cow!!!

Hi- I haven't been able to pick really since last Thursday. We did the rummage sale at my SIL's house. It turned out pretty good, even knowing it was going to rain this past weekend. I know my Hubby Joe and Lucas picked some beans Saturday and I pulled out a few Kohlrabi Sunday but with our major showers and few T-Storms I knew there would be tons of stuff out in the garden. Monday Lucas had a test and we did back to school shopping for new duds so there wasn't time on Monday.

On Tuesday morning I rounded up the troops, Em, Luke and Nick and we started out a little after 8 AM. We were finished around 11:30AM. The kids picked four gallon buckets of Green Beans, I was re-staking the Cherry tomato TREES. The wet ground and wind had almost knocked them over and at nearly 7ft tall that was no easy task. I picked some cherry tomatoes. Nick and I picked the Broccoli, 5 Cucumbers, 3 Green Bell peppers (one was enormous), and some really nice Banana peppers. We all picked over a gallon of Sugar Snap Peas. I pulled out 4 MORE Huge Kohlrabi's, and I pulled out some Spanish Onions and a few of the Red Ones. The red onions didn't get as big as my sweet Spanish. But who cares they are still good. Oops I almost forgot 3 more zucchini's too.
Here are some pictures:

above are my onions!! I diced & froze all but 2. I am going to try curing those.
Here are my green bell peppers, the one on the right is the huge one.
Above are my nice Banana peppers. I diced some for my turkey sandwich yesterday for lunch.
Here are some cherry tomatoes. I have some yellow pear and sweet 100 cherry plants. And 1 more early girl regular tomato. How could I forget that.
It is supposed to be hot this week so I am hoping to get those tomatoes ripening.

Happy Gardening!!(now I just need to squeek in some scrap time.)

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