Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dinner Tonight

Look what we had for dinner tonight!! YUM-O
(saying courtesy of Rachael Ray) Sweet Corn from the Garden. It was very good. We had enough for about 14 cobs to eat. Nick had 3 all by himself.
See the tomatoes? Remember when I was waiting for them? They have arrived in full force. I am going to have to can tomorrow.
Lucas picked a huge zucchini, (that must have snuck by me.) I am looking for some new recipes to try.
I made some Jalapeno Strawberry Jam this week and I am looking forward to eating that. I already snuck a taste when I made it and it was SO good. The kids even ate it. Look for that recipe on
I am off to watch the Pack play on T.V. tonight. Go Pack!

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