Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh Happy Day in the Garden!!!

Here is our smiley face we made! We sure did pick a ton of veggies on Friday! Look at all our treasures...
1 bucket of Broccoli.
1 bucket of Sugar Snap Peas.
We dug out all our red potatoes. The plants were pretty much dead and they were ready.
Not too bad considering we had about 3 meals already with them.

Here is the big one! We dug out our carrots. As you can see they are quite big and I think were totally ready. I still have a row of baby carrots yet. Our purple Kohlrabi's are almost done too. I got some more tomatoes and cucumbers and a 3 gallon bucket of Green Beans. LOTS and LOTS of Beans. It seems half of the garden is almost done already. I can hardly believe it. I guess it is a good thing since school starts in 10 days.
Have a good one!

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