Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

How I couldn't wait for tomatoes. Well they are here in full force. We have great tomatoes in the Midwest this year. Every person I talk to has good tomatoes. No dry rot or bugs getting to them. I have been dehydrating the cherry tomatoes like crazy by cutting them in half, sprinkling with sea salt and oregano and basil. Then dehydrate and put them in freezer bags in the freezer. They are great to pop into soups and sauces to give it more of a tomato flavor. The kids think they taste like pizza sauce. I have almost 5 quart bags full.

My hubby wanted me to try to make some tomato soup to can as well. I made some today. I got 4 pints and it smelt wonderful cooking. Here is the recipe:

Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup

12 Tomatoes
2 Carrots - cut in 1" pieces
1 Large Onion -  quartered
2 whole heads of garlic-
Olive Oil
2 cups Chicken Broth- (or 3)
1/2 C chopped fresh basil or 1 T dried

Core tomatoes and cut in half. Place cut side up on foil covered cookie sheets with carrots, onion and garlic. brush with Olive Oil.  Bake at 400F for about an hour, or until vegies are roasted and a little blackened. Place in a large sauce pan with the chicken broth and basil and simmer for about 10 min. Blend with a stick blender until almost smooth.

To Can: Process in a pressure canner at 10 lbs pressure  60 min for pints and 70 min for quarts. 1" head space.

**cream may be added to taste when the soup is served**

Makes 1-1/2 to 2 quarts or around 4 pints

(i used 2  9x13 pans to roast my veggies or I would have had a mess from the tomatoes.)

(recipe courtsey of, recipe by Katie posted by Joannaw)

I plan on making a bigger batch soon!!! 

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