Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm Baaaack

Whew!!!! I am back to blogging... Yea... I have been out for about 3 weeks due to our computer malfunctioning.  I have a Mac (iMac G5) and it seemed to be acting a bit funny for about a month or so. I never performed any back up whatsoever, so when it was acting funny I started thinking hmmm, maybe I should make sure my stuff is "safe"incase anything my happen to my Mac.  My Brother Matt the wonderful techie that he is told me to get an external hard drive and back up my files. I thought ok, just like everything I'll get to Best Buy and get one and put that on my never ending "to do" list.  WELLL... you can almost feel what is coming. My hard drive blew out before I had a chance to back it up. There was some sensor in the fan that cools the HD that malfunctioned and it wasn't cooling and that is why it was acting funny. The fan would run really loud even after we checked email. I did think that was weird but then again I thought it was just doing it's job. After all our Mac is from 2005.  Well I took it in to a computer shop and it took them 2 weeks to get to it and then they couldn't recover any of my data. I am crushed. I had tons of photos of family, my hubby's taxidermy work and just documents, email addresses, basically our life was in there.  Funny only about 4 years ago it really wouldn't have mattered too much. We rely on on our wireless gadgets and non-wireless gadgets so much. How do you pay a  bill or talk to a friend without Internet or email.  Use the  postal service or use a gasp... PHONE.  It was a nice break for a couple of weeks actually to put it all back into perspective. I went for a walk in the evening with the family, instead of updating my blog or working online doing scrapbooking things. I found more time, now I need to make more time and not be glued to the computer. Don't get me wrong I am back but I will not rely on this as much since the betrayal of my trust. I will print my photos more often and back up my documents and most of all make sure I have stamps on hand... Just in case.  ha ha

ps. I put up 15 canned pints of pasta sauce on Friday from the TONS of tomatoes I am getting out of the garden. They are just beautiful. I will post pictures soon of my little red treasures.

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